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Hi my name is Nelson Looney and I enjoy hunting and fishing. Funny thing is I been laid off from work so I was thinking more hunting and fishing. Well with going to college full time and being laid off I haven't had the time or money to even go, which kind of stinks. But I really enjoy making my own flies for fly-fishing. Its relaxing and calming to ty flies. I like all sorts of fishing, not only the fun of catching them but bringing them home finding a good recipe to try and then cooking my fish. When it comes to the outdoor foods my wife usually don't eat wild food but she will eat the fish and the deer. But cat fishing at night is a fun thing to do because you really can't see everything thats going on. But here recently or the last couple of years I have been taking my step-grandson wade-fishing. He has found a cool and exciting passion for fishing like me and thats awesome. He used to get mad when I would take off and go to Mad River to wade for brown trout because he could not go, so I decided to take him in the smaller creeks and rivers closer to home to see how he done. I been takin him fishin for some time now and he's wanting to get his hunting lisence to go hunting with me.

But as far as hunting goes. I like to hunt ducks, geese, rabbit, pheasant, grouse, and deer. Well those are the ones I will eat. My grandfather once told me when I was a kid "don't shoot something you don't entend on eating" so from that point on I have always respected the animals and his words. I have tried other game animals but just didn't like the taste so I don't hunt them. I been talking to my grandsons mother about enrolling him into a hunters education course so that he will be able to go hunting with me next year. I want him to see what its like to be able to stalk and take an animal from the wild bring it home and clean it up for the dinner table. I think its a great thing that he shows and interest in going with me. I wish more kids could respect the land and enjoy the outdoors as much as he does. To many kids are getting into trouble because the towns has nothing for them to do and its a shame.

After I catch some fish or shoot something while outdoors hunting I like to visit a website to find a recipe not to challeging to fix but looks yummy. My dad always says try something new "if you don't like it don't eat it but at least you will have tried it" so thats the motto I tend to stick to when picking out a new recipe. We have found some really good recipes online and better yet you can go to foodnetwork.com and get some of there recipes as well but those arn't the wild game ones. Below I will post a site that I tend to use while looking for game recipes.


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