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Recent News

• Illustration Mag 3x3 is sponsoring the first annual Nuts & Bolts conference during July 9-10 in New York City. You can receive a discount on registration if you register before June 10. Register here.

About OU-SPD

Ohio University's chapter of Society of Publication Design (OU-SPD) strives to promote magazine, online, and other design publications as well as educating the public through good design. Anyone can join this organization, however, it primarily benefits those interested in publication design and more specifically in goes hand-in-hand with the Visual Communication programs. Our main focus is to educate designers so they can, in turn, educate the public through their designs. Being able to make an impact of someone's life through design is not easy, so our organization works together with other members to collaborate and strengthen our work so that we can better understand the many elements that go into making a design effective. As Julie Elman says, it is the last two percent of design that elevates a page to the next level.

We recently switched from OUSND to OU-SPD, so we are still trying to grasp our role as an organization. However, we are very enthusiastic about the switch and are looking forward to our first year under a new name. We currently meet every other Monday (on the odd weeks) at 5:30pm in Seigfred room 306. Please feel free to join us if you are at all interested in design and would like to know more about us. We hope to see you soon!