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  All films are in English or in Italian with English subtitles.

Art History
 Giotto and the pre-Renaissance
 Michelangelo: The Last Giant
 Raphael: Prince of Painters

Italian Films (Dramas, Comedies, Classics)
 81/2 (Fellini)
 L'albero degli zoccoli (The tree of wooden clogs)
 Amarcord (Fellini)
 E la nave va (And the ship sails on) (Fellini)
 L'avventura (Antonioni)
 The Battle of Algiers
 Ladri di biciclette (The bicycle thieves) (De Sica)
 Cabiria (Nights of Cabiria ) (Fellini)
 Christ Stopped at Eboli
 The Conformist
 La dolce vita
 L'eclisse (Antonioni)
 Satyricon (Fellini)
 The Gospel According to St. Matthew
 Henry IV (Pirandello play, 1984)
 Indiscretion of an American Wife (made in English; set in Rome)
 Juliet of the Spirits
 Medea (Pasolini)
 Open City
 Roma (Fellini)
 Romeo and Juliet (Zeffirelli)
 Seduced and Abandoned
 Shoe Shine
 La Strada (Fellini)
 Swept Away (Wertmuller)
 Umberto D (De Sica)
 Miracle in Milan (De Sica)
 Allegro Non Troppo
 The Forbidden Christ
 I bambini ci guardano (The children are watching us) (De Sica)
 Il tetto (The roof) (De Sica)
 Marriage Italian Style (De Sica)
 Il grido (Antonioni)
 La notte (Antonioni)
 Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (De Sica)
 The Garden of the Finzi-Continis (De Sica)
 Life is Beautiful (Roberto Benigni)
 The Grim Reaper (Bertolucci)
 The Spider's Stratagem (Bertolucci)
 Tragedy of a Ridiculous Man (Bertolucci)
 Stanno Tutti Bene (Everybody's Fine) (Tornatore)
 Bellissimo: Images of the Italian Cinema
 The Icicle Thief
 Volere Volare
 Accattone (Pasolini)
 Mamma Roma (Pasolini)
 Love Meetings (Pasolini)
 Oedipus Rex (Pasolini)
 The Canterbury Tales (Pasolini)
 Salo (Pasolini)
 Whoever Says the Truth Shall Die (life of Pasolini)
 Arabian Nights (Pasolini)
 Bread and Chocolate
 Passione d'Amore
 The Monster (Benigni)
 Padre Padrone (Taviani)
 The Seduction of Mimi (Wertmuller)
 Love and Anarchy (Wertmuller)
 Seven Beauties (Wertmuller)
 Sotto Sotto (Wertmuller)
 The Conviction
 Ossessione (Visconti)
 White Nights (Visconti)
 Rocco and his brothers (Visconti)
 The Innocent (Visconti)
 Peddlin' in Society
 The Miracle (Rossellini)
 Amore (Rossellini)
 Stromboli (Rossellini)
 Big Deal on Madonna Street
 Bitter Rice
 The Gold of Naples
 Vip My Brother Superman (satire)
 The Best of Bruno Bozzetto (animations, eitty)
 1860 (post-war neorealist)
 The Iron Crown
 Musica Proibita
 Lure of the Sila
 Una pilota ritorna (Return of the Pilot) (Rossellini)
 Man with a Cross (Rossellini)
 Germany, Year Zero(Rossellini)
 Machine to Kill Bad People (Rossellini)
 Women Without Names
 Variety Lights
 We the Living
 The Queen of Sheba
 Bread, Love, and Dreams
 Four Ways Out
 Angel in a Taxi
 Woman of Rome
 What a Woman! (Sophia Loren)
 Death of a Friend
 Love in the City
 The Doll that Took the Town
 Europa '51 (Rossellini)
 Voyage in Italy (Rossellini)
 Fear (Rossellini)
 General Della Rovere (Rossellini)
 Vanina Vanini (Rossellini)
 Era Notte a Roma (Rossellini)
 The Rise of Louis XIV (Rossellini)
 Socrates (Rossellini)
 Blaise Pascal (Rossellini)
 Pardon My Trunk (comedy)
 Where the Hot Wind Blows (steamy melodrama)
 The Great War (comedy/drama)
 The Unfaithfuls (comedy)
 The Long Night of 1943 (Pasolini)
 Joyful Laughter (comedy)
 Il Bell'Antonio (comedy)
 And the Wild, Wild Women (prison epic-women)
 Girl with a Suitcase (drama)
 Madame (S. Loren - bawdy romp)
 Full Hearts and Empty Pockets (touching drama)
 Mille Bolle Blu (exuberant film - 1993)
 The Organizer (political drama)
 The Eclipse (Antonioni)
 Ape Woman (satirical drama, outrageous)
 RoGoPaG (Rossellini, Pasolini, etc.)
 Malicious (comedy)
 Acqua e Sapone (comedy)
 The Pool Hustlers (1983)
 Le Bal (1983, French-Italian drama)
 Before the Revolution (Bertolucci)
 Partner (Bertolucci)
 Where is Picone? (humorous suspense)
 Rorret (suspense)
 Palombella Rossa (comedy)
 Alberto Express (comedy)
 The Flavor of Corn (1992)
 The Hawks and the Sparrows (Pasolini - medieval-modern times)
 Teorema (Pasolini- drama)
 The White Sheik (Fellini)
 I Vitelloni (Fellini)
 La Strada (Fellini)
 Il Bidone (the Swindle) (Fellini)
 The Sleazy Uncle (1991-comedy)
 The Little Nuns (comedy)
 The Battle of Algiers (drama - Algerian struggle of indp. from France)
 Profumo di Donna (Scent of a Woman - 1975) (comedy)
 Ciao Federico (Fellini filming Satiricon)
 The Clowns(nostalgic documentary)
 Orchestra Rehersal (Fellini)
 City of Women (Fellini)
 Ginger and Fred (Fellini)
 Intervista (Fellini talks)
 In the Name of the Pope King (historical drama)
 The Eyes, The Mouth (1983 - drama)
 Saint Michael Had a Rooster (allegorical drama - 1971)
 Allonsanfan (historical drama - 1974)
 Wild Flower (Fiorile) (1994-intrigue and romance)
 Blood Feud (1978 Wertmuller)
 A Night Full of Rain (Wertmuller)
 Summer Night (Wertmuler)
 Caro Diaro (1994 comedy)
 Lamerica (1994 comedy/drama)
 The Story of Boys and Girls (1991)
 Sacco and Vanzetti (drama of real life story of It. convicts in America)
 Flight of the Innocent (1993)
 Le Soldatesse (The Camp Followers - drama of prostitutes in WWII)
 Acla (1992- controversial account of boy sold to work)
 La Scorta (1993 political suspense - Mafia)
 Forever Mary(1990 - heartfelt drama)
 La Terra Trema (Visconti)
 Senso (Visconti)
 Sandra of a Thousand Delights (Visconti)
 Ludwig (Visconti)
 Mediterraneo (1991)
Tre fratelli (Three Brothers)- DVD
Padre Padrone
Caro Diario
La stanza del figlio
L'uomo delle stelle
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 La Traviata
 Orfeo ed Euridice

 Berlitz Video Italian for Travellers
 Italia Contemporanea: Conversations With Native Speakers
 Italian Hand Gestures

 Dante: Divine Poet and Wandering Exile
 Dante's Inferno
 Boccaccio: Tales from the Decameron
 Visualizing Boccaccio : studies on illustrations of The Decameron, from Giotto to Pasolini
 Il Decameron
 Dangerous Beauty (story of Veronica Franco)
Albert Moravia
Neorealismo fino al 1954

 A Room With a View
 Video Travel Guide to Rome
 The Wrath of God: The Drowning of Florence, Italy
 In Search of History: The Borgias
 Italians in America
 Discovering Italy
 The Age of the Medici (Rossellini - in English)
 Touring Italy
 The Power of the Past with Bill Moyers (Florence)
 The Renaissance
 Italy Rome and Naples, the Amalfi Coast
 Italy the Hilltowns of Tuscany, the Italian Riviera
 Venice: Queen of the Adriatic
 Travel the World (Venice, Florence, etc)
The Unification of Italy
Mussolini and Italian Fascism
Venice: Gondolas and Groceries

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 Galileo's Dialogue
 Casanova: World's Greatest Lover
 Mussolini: Italy's Nightmare
 Sophia Loren: Actress Italian Style
 Michelangelo: Artist and Man
 Leonardo da Vinci: Renaissance Master
 Christopher Columbus: Explorer of the New World

 Pioneers of the Spirit (Ignatius Lyola, Dante, Augustine, Hildegarde of Bingen, Julian of Norwich, Teresa  of Avila)

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