Jeremy Morris
Research Curriculum Vitae


Fall 2013 (Ohio University)

“Knowing What We Know”
Team taught with D. Phillips (Physics) and V. Lee (History),
Ohio University, 2015-


Spring 2014, 2012 (Ohio University)

Seminar on Saul Kripe Fall 2016

Philosophy of Sport Spring 2017

Philosophy of Language                        

Spring 2011 (Ohio University)

Introduction to Philosophy 
2009-2013 (Ohio University),
2004-2006 (University of Miami)        

Introduction to Ethics
Spring 2010- 2014 (Ohio University), 
2007 (University of Miami)    

Critical Thinking/ Introduction to Logic
Spring 2013 (Ohio University),
2005-2007 (University of Miami),

Symbolic Logic
2005- 2007 (University of Miami)      

Honors Tutorials (Ohio University)

Philosophy of Language,
Fall 2012, Spring 2012, Fall 2011     

Modal Epistemology, Spring 2011

History of Analytic Philosophy, Fall 2011