Jeremy Morris
Curriculum Vitae

An Epistemological Approach to Essential Indexicality
2011 American Philosophical  Quarterly 48(1): 47-61

The Justification of Torture-Horror” The Philosophy of Horror.
2010 ed. T. Fahey. University of Kentucky Press.

“The Epistemic Inadequacy of Ersatzer Possible World Semantics”
2010 Logique et Analyse 53:  61-76 (co-authored with M. Shaffer)

“Pragmatic Reflexivity in Self-Defeating and Self-Justifying Expressions”
2008 Argumentation  22:205-216

A Paradox for Possible World Semantics
2006 Logique et Analyse 49: 307-317 (co-authored with M. Shaffer)

In Progress
“An Ontologically Neutral Defense of the Privileged Present”

“Discovering Particular Absences”

“Vicarious Torture”

“Conceivability and Easy Knowledge of Existence

Recent Talks
“Justified but Impossible to Believe” Central States Philosophy Conference 2013

“Limited Access to the Privileged Present” Pittsburgh Area Philosophy Conference 2012

“Conceivability and Easy Knowledge of Existence” Ohio Philosophical Association 2011

“Pragmatic Reflexivity in Existence Arguments”
International Society for the Study of Argumentation, University of Amsterdam 2010

“Indexical Co-reference in Competing Explanations” Semiotic Society of America 2009

Knowing What Someone Else Knows Versus Knowing That Someone Else Knows”
Ohio Philosophical Association 2009

“Varieties of Metajustification” University of Miami Conference in Epistemology 2009

Non-Existence, Reference Failure, and Non-Self-Identity”
Florida Philosophical Association 2008