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Masters EDCT 693 Portfolio and EDCT 692 Internship.

Fall 12-13

EDCT 7012 Advanced Instructional Design

EDCT 6031 Topics In Instructional Design

Spring 11-12

EDCT636 Media and the Young Adult

Winter 11-12

EDCT 793D Philosophy of Education

Winter 10-11

EDCT 604 Computer-based Instruction

Summer 09-10

EDCT 501 Technology Applictions in Education

Spring 09-10

EDCT 501 Technology Applications inEducation

EDCT 790 Research in Instructional Technology

Winter 09-10

EDCT 602 Instructional Multimedia (Southern)

EDCT 793B Philosophy of Technology

Fall 09-10

EDCT 601 Instructional Design

EDCT 521 Programming Concepts for Educators (Southern)

Summer 08-09

 EDCT 603 Visual Literacy For Educators (Southern)

EDCT 521 Programming Concepts for Educators (Ghana)

Spring 08-09

EDCT 521 Programming Concepts for Educators

EDCT 793K Advanced Instructional Design

Winter 08-09

EDCT 604 Computer-based Instruction (Athens)

EDCT 604 Computer-based Instruction (Southern)

Fall 08-09

EDCT603 Visual Literacy (Athens Cohort)

EDCT 601 Instructional Design (Southern Cohort)


Flash Guides for Designing Online Learning with Flash by David Richard Moore

* Learning Interactions and CS4 solution

Research Tools

Triangle confidence response

Confidence response

Events of Instruction

Spatial Probability Measure Interface Demo

Generic SPM for Assessment

This generic SPM demonstrates the technique with questions based on Trochaic Poetry. If you would like to use this instrument and have the results e-mailed to you please post on the web a text-file that follows the SPM template and send me that URL I will send back a URL for a version of the instrument that imports your test items. I am very interested in the results you find and the details of your experience.