CTCH 127

Welcome to my homepage. My name is Matthew Newland but many call me Matt. I am a 4 year prior military/ Navy veteran. I worked with missile defense, mass-wide communications, VTC(Video Tele-Communications), and network management. I am also going to college for computer engineering. I do plan to continue college afterwards doing aerospace engineering.

I like to have fun but work will always come first. I like to go camping and hiking among other things so I always like to be on the go, but sometimes its nice to be able to just relax at home and watch some movies or just sit outside.

My weak points in my area of expertise is the software part of computers. I've worked with many different hardware equipments but the software has always been my weakness. I have learned many languages but still have very little understanding. I hope this class will help me along my way to being a better computer engineer.

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