Internet Service Providers.The three internet providers I choose are Verizon High-Speed Internet,,People PC. Verizon offers high speed internet service starting from only $19.99/month. The fastest speed that Verizon runs is 7.1 Mbps. internet servise is $9.95/month. The speed is 56k dial up internet. People PC Internet servise is $5.47/month. The speed it runs unknown.

Level of Computer Skills> For People PC Users with any level of computer knowledge can use the service comfortably. For Verizon the computer skill level was unknown. Users with any level of Computer Knowledge can enjoy Copper Internet.

Technical Support> People PC has 24/7 Technical Support. Phone support is available for $1.95 per minute, however support for sign up, installation and billing is free. Free email support and online FAQ's are also available. You can contact Verizon by email, live chat or phone. Technical Support 24/7. Copper Internet technical support is free - there is a toll-free number to contact support that is included in your welcome email and technical support pages. Technical support can also be contacted by email. Online FAQ's extensive with frequent issues.

Overview> PeoplePC was launched in October of 1999 with the goal to provide people with an easy and affordable way to get on the Internet. Verizon DSL Internet is simply the best value in broadband speeds for every need (now up to 7.1 Mbps!), unparalleled reliability, and affordable plans to match anyone. Copper started in the ISP business back in October of 1994, and they guarantee their service by offering customers a 30 day money back guarantee.