Lazy Summer


I spent many of my sunny afternoons lounging by the pool. My cousin and I decided to purchase a small pool instead of paying to go to the public pool. My cousin has two children so it is a lot easier to stay at home and swim then to pack the children up every time we want to go to the pool. My nephew Anthony became obsessed with the pool to the point where he could not be in the backyard without trying to get into the pool. He learned how to swim with his life jacket on and even became brave enough to jump in. Now that fall has arrived we have decided to drain the pool. My poor little nephew is going to be so disapointed.

Zoombezi Bay

This past summer I caught up with some old friends and we decided to go to Zoombezi Bay together. I used to work with my friends Bobby and Jennifer at Kroger but both of them got promoted to different stores and I got promoted within. It was nice to spend time with my old friends and enjoy a beautiful day at the waterpark. My friend Jennifer brought her three daughters and we took turns taking them down the waterslides. At first they were scared but after a few times they were excited to go down more.

Fourth of July Party

Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays. My cousin and I bought a lot of Christmas decorations last December and were planning on having a Christmas party but were unable to get time off work. Instead we decided we would just have a Christmas in July party. On the fourth of July we had a cookout and invited over our friends and family. When it got dark enough we lit off are enormous stock pile of fireworks.

Newest Additions

This summer was an important summer for my family. My best friend's son Brody and my nephew Luke were both born at the end of August. I am ecstatic to be an aunt to my nephew and thrilled that my best friend has a new addition to her family.

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