I wanted to tell everyone about my experience, so they could adore and appreciate the little things in their lives. This happened from May 21st thru May 26th to me. I am a huge dog lover. The type of dogs that i have are of a Chihuahua/Dachshund mix or " Chicweenies" like most people call them. My oldest ones are Smalley and Twosie, short for Brutus 2nd, and they will be 6yrs old Oct. 1st. Their daughter that I kept from the first litter is Abby Sue who will be 4 in December.

Now over the past couple of years the family grew, Abby Sue had a litter on October 30th and only one survived, I named her Sparkle, because she was marked like a Dalmatian white with big black spots. Then on May 24th, Smalley started having puppies. Two of them before midnight and the rest after midnight, on the 25th. On her first litter she had six puppies,(4 boys and 2 girls) and the two youngest ones a boy and girl, Princess (less than 3 days old)and Prince (less than a week)had died. Now Abby Sue was the only one I kept from that litter. Trey(Brutus 3rd),Ollie,and Tribble I gave away to friends who had kids. Now Smalley had six again,(4 girls and 2 boys) but the youngest a girl didn't survive. So now I have a lot of dogs and made the decision to sell them for $30, because at the time I had lost my job when the company went to Mexico. I could use the money to get Twosie fixed.

In the meantime I started to fall in LOVE with these guys, I started to name them before their eyes were open. The oldest boy I named Rascal and theen there was Star, both born on the 24th of May, before midnight.Then came Pepper,Reesey,and Buddy the runt. I gave these guys all the love and care I could while trying to sell them. I seemed to me that it would be better to pass the word by mouth, instead of an ad. Because they deserved a good home with loving masters,not abusive people. Well this went on for a while until one day someone from school, said they had heard I had puppies for sale. And later that day, she had bought Star and might be interested in another one. But she only got Star. So now during this time Abby Sue gets pregnant again. And on September 7th, she has two more babies, but one dies. The one that survived I name Precious, because she was the spitten image of Abby Sue. So here the count is up to 9, I still want to sell the puppies but now it is just Rascal and Pepper.

Well as I grew more and more attached to them, I could see how very smart they were. There were many a night, where all 9 were in the recliner with me, and sometimes all of us would sleep like that. Just recently, and this is why I'm telling this expeience, I lost the 6 youngest ones to Parvo. Even though they never went outside, because they were house trained to go to a designated area, that I kept cleaned up, they somehow contracted this dreaded disease. I started on May 21st, I lost Precious. And on Saturday May 23rd, Reesey and Buddy were very sick, so I had them put to sleep. Now I had always kept their little kennels cleaned and sanitized, with fresh bedding and always fresh food and water. Diligently, I was trying to make sure I didn't lose anymore. I cleaned and cleaned, but to no avail. Pepper, Sparkle and Rascal started to get sick and would not eat or drink. I tried everything that I knew, or advice from friends that had dogs. I got a lot of Pedelite and soft food for them. At first, it seemed to be working but then that dreaded disease kicked in.

On May 25th, around 10:30p, Pepper died. At 5:00a the next day, the 26th, Sparkle died. And a few hours later after 9:30a, I had Rascal put to sleep. As I've been telling this story, I remember all the funny and hilarious moments I shared with my babies. There are plenty of pictures and video to look at. My oldest ones seem okay, because they have had all their shots. And being a few years older might be immune. But I would never take that chance, they will all be checked and boostered. Not everyone of us feels the same way about our pets, but in my case they are my children, my little angels. And I know they are all happy and playing together in a beautiful field, and that someday I pray we meet at the Rainbow Bridge and cross together. Daddy will never ever forget you guys and I LOVE YOU.