My Lifebox is intended to organize your children's memories the fast and easy way. It provides everyone an organized collection of important records and milestones that can be enjoyed and reflected upon for generations to come without much effort. Consider it a family heirloom.
We take pride that it is Made in the USA.

  1. Open immediately. My Lifebox is ready to go.
  2. The box is a blank canvas for handprints, footprints or any kind of art you can imagine!
  3. The Birth file could contain a picture of each of the "FIRST's" your child has.
  4. Any special events you wish to note can be done so on the front of the folder.
  5. Keep the current year's file out on your desk or kitchen counter so things can be easily filed and recorded as soon as they come into the home. Once this opportunity is missed it will be harder to recall.
  6. Things we suggest worth filing: report cards, awards, notes from teachers and others. Their own birthday invitations and cards from loved ones. Playbills from their plays and talent shows, videos and cd's. Exceptional or funny writing and artwork. Extracurricular documents and ticket stubs. Children will enjoy seeing these in the future.
  7. Art work can be trimmed down or take photos of oversized and 3D pieces.
  8. Feel free to write and paste pictures on the back of the inserts as well as the front.


CONTENTS (22 files in total!)

  • Birth—First Year File with a place to documents firsts
  • One, Two & Three year old Files
  • Preschoo throught Eight grade Files with one divider in each for REPORT CARDS, AWARDS, and CERTIFICATES
  • Vital Documents File for Banking/Savings & Bonds, Birth Certificate, Identification, Passport/Travel Miles, Religious, Social Security Number
  • Each File has inserts to put special events photos
  • There is a special insert for your Family Tree!