Vardges Melkonian

Associate Professor

Contact Information

Current and recent coursesMath 4620/5620 Linear and Nonlinear Optimization

Math 3050 Discrete Mathematics

                                                Math 4630/5630 Discrete Modeling and Optimization

                                                Math 3200/5200 Applied Linear Algebra

Math 306 Foundations of Mathematics I

                                                Math 263a Calculus I

Math 263b Calculus II                                                                      

Math 250 Probability and Statistics I


Research Interests

            Combinatorial Optimization

Mathematical Programming
Approximation Algorithms
Network Design Problems
Applications of Operations Research

The primary focus of my research is on the design and analysis of algorithms for fundamental problems in network, combinatorial optimization, approximation algorithms, linear and integer programming, and their  applications to various problems. Most combinatorial optimization problems are NP-hard. I am interested in developing approximation algorithms for them, that is, algorithms which are fast and provide provably close-to-optimal solutions for the problems. My goal is to design algorithms which have both decent theoretical guarantees and good practical performance.


Selected Publications


V. Melkonian
”Circuit integration through lattice hyperterms "
      Discrete Mathematics, Algorithms and Applications, Vol. 3(1), 101-119, 2011.


V. Lskavyan and V. Melkonian
“A computational model of politicians–bureaucracy relationship in a competitively authoritarian environment”
      Int. J. Computational Economics and Econometrics, Vol. 2(1), 1-23, 2011.


V. Melkonian
”LP-based solution methods for asymmetric TSP "
      Information Processing Letters, Vol. 101(6), 233-238, 2007.


V. Melkonian
 "New Primal-Dual Algorithms for Steiner Tree Problems"
      Computers and Operations Research, Vol. 34(7), 2147-2167, 2007.


V. Melkonian
 " Flows in dynamic networks with aggregate arc capacities "
      Information Processing Letters, Vol. 101(1), 30-35, 2007.


V. Melkonian and  E . Tardos .
 "Primal-Dual-Based Algorithms for a Directed Network Design Problem"
      INFORMS Journal on Computing, Vol. 17(2), 159-174, 2005.


R. Roundy, D. Chen, P. Chen, M. Cakanyildirim, M.B. Freimer, V. Melkonian.
 "Capacity-Driven Acceptance of Customer Orders for a Multi-Stage Batch Manufacturing System: Models and Algorithms"
      IIE Transactions on Scheduling and Logisitics, Vol. 37(12), 1093-1105, 2005.


V. Melkonian and  E . Tardos .
 "Algorithms for a Network Design Problem with Crossing Supermodular Demands"
           Networks, Vol. 43(4), 256-265, 2004.


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