Summer Races

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I love the summertime! The weather is hot and I am able to enjoy being outside.
For the last couple summers my husband and I have enjoyed going to the MotoGP races in Indianapolis, Indiana.
They are an absolute blast! The night before the race we always go downtown to the circle of Indianapolis where they hold a bike night.
There you are able to see thousands of bikes lined up on the street and they even hold a stunt show right outside of the main circle.
The day of the race is so much fun, and it nice to sit back, watch the motorcycles race, and enjoy eating their delicious food!
I enjoy going to the races so much that we have already booked a year in advance to attend the races next August.



I am not a fan of Halloween but I do enjoy going to HalloWeekends at Cedar Point.
There are a ton of attractions and different events for Halloween.
If you love roller coasters and do not mind a little scare HalloWeekends is the place to be!

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