Summer of 2013

The Perfect Day: I had a wonderful summer! On July 13th 2013, I got married, to an amazing man! Our wedding was absolutely perfect. We were surrounded by our family and friends, the people who matter most, as we made our promise to one another. You could feel the love, support and excitement of everyone around us. It was such a beautiful day!

Honeymoon: My husband and I both have never been to see the Smoky Mountians so we decied to take our honeymoon to Gaitlinburg and Pigeon Forge Tennessee. We rented a gorgeous cabin way up in mountians for a week. There is so much to do in the towns of Gaitlinburg and Pigeon Forge. Although, one of our favorite tourist attractions there was the Hatfield and Mccoy's Dinner show, it was a blast. Since we were not able to do everything we wanted to do in just a week, we will most definitely be making another trip the Smoky Mountians in Tennessee!

Tennessee: I am a big family person and I think it would be wonderful if we could get both our families together and rent out a cabin for about a week!That way we could all spend time together while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Tennessee!

Blessed: I can honestly say I am truly blessed to have the love and support from my husband and our families. I truly had such an amazing summer and can't wait to go back and visit Tennessee someday!

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