College Advice

Do not be afraid to ask questions

The best advice I could give to a college freshman is to not be afraid or intimidated to ask questions. If you are unsure how to do something or not sure what to do, just ask your professor. They are there to help you succeed, so take advantage of their help.

Do not fall too far behind

The second best advice I would give a college freshman is to not procrastinate on your assignments. When you procrastinate on your assignments it can be stressful to get them finished, and sometimes waiting till the last minute can make you work seem rushed. Also, be careful not to fall to far behind on your assignments because it can be very difficult to get caught up.

Do all assignments

Lastly, I would recommend doing all assignments, even if they are not mandatory. Most the time homework assignments are not mandatory in college but they can sometimes be the most important assignments to do. Homework assignments can help you out when taking exams and for in class discussions. It is always a good idea to do assignments even when they are not assigned.

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