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Reading List
* Berger, Hertog, & Park: The political role and influence of business organization
* Ashforth & Mael: Social identity theory and organization
* Cheney & Frenette: Persuasion and organization
* Albert & Whetten: Organizational identity
* McMillan: In search of the organizational persona
* Rowan: Goals, obstacle, and strategies in risk communication
* Ice: Corporate publics and rhetorical strategies
* Brinson & Benoit: Dow Corning's image repair strategies in the breast implant crisis
* Williams & Olaniran: Crisis communication in racial issues
* Heath: Corporate issues management
* Coombs: Choosing the right words
* Seeger, Sellnow & Ulmer: Communication, organization, and crisis
* Heath: A rhetorical approach to zones of meaning and organizational prerogatives
* Knott & Natalle: Sex differences, organizational level, and superiors' evaluation of managerial leadership
* Barge: Putting leadership back to work
* Barger: Leadership as organizing
* Parker: African American women executives' leadership communication within dominant-culture organizations
* Buzzanell: Leadership processes in alternative organization
* Bunyi & Andrews: Gender and leardership emergence
* Husband: Toward a grounded typology of organizational leadership
* Zorn & Violanti: Measuring leadership style
* Ngwenyama & Lyytinen: Groupware environments as action constitutive resources
* Kuhn & Poole: Do conflict management styles affect group decision-making?
* Gigone & Hastie: The common knowledge effect
* Saka & Shiigi: Groupware
* Postmes & Lea: Social processes and group decision-making
* Banks & Banks: Cultural identity, resistance, and "good theory"
* Fontaine: Managing intercultural effectiveness
* Lee, Wang, Chung & Hertel: A sociohistorical approach to intercultural communication
* Zaharna: Intercultural communication and international public relations
* Fong: Chinese immigrants' perceptions of semantic dimensions of direct/indirect communication in intercultural communication in intercultural compliment interactions with North Americans
* Benoit: Crisis communication in racial issues

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