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"I always think photographs abominable, and I don't like to have them around, particularly not those of persons I know and love." — Vincent van Gogh

Guides to Photography — General (return to top)

"Pulling together light and subjects and composition occupy my mind first and foremost. Only when I've figured out all of that do I start rummaging through my equipment cabinet. So I decided to try to write a photography textbook that reflects the way that I think about taking pictures." — Phillip Greenspun in Making Photographs

Making Photographs by Philip Greenspun at

Web Photo School

Adorama Academy and previous articles

Apogee Magazine

by Marsea Wynne
Defining a Personal Vision
Art & Play: No Fear
Composition — A Primer on Positive and Negative Space, by Micheal Fulks
part 1
part 2
Gestalt Theory and Photographic Composition, by Michael Fulks:
Lines of Sight
Isomorphic Correspondance
Decisive Moments, by Bill Miller:
Personal Sports
Sunrise at Smith Rock
Planned vs. Lucky Shots
The Art of Seeing
Enterprising Your Photos
Kids and Cameras - How They Work
Why I Like Black & White the Best
Making Waves
Get the Message
Pix of Kids
Advancing Photography, by Bill Miller:
Sharing What We Know About Photography
Pageant Photography — photographing historical recreations; by Michael Goldstein
The Model Release — a Primer by Michael Fulks
The Fifty-Cent Solution by Steve Traudt
Electronic Flash: a Primer by Steve Traudt
Seeing with a Master's Eye by Noella Ballenger
Star Trail and Moonlight Photography by Chris Groenhout
City Assignment by Michael Goldstein
The Ten Steps of Setting up a Home Darkroom by Chris Groenhout
Presenting Your Photographs by Steve Traudt
The Expressive Image by Brenda Tharp
Candid Photography and the Meaning of "Real Life" by Len Bernstein
They Captured my Heart! by Noella Ballenger — shooting in game preserve
Why I Like Black and White Best by Bill Miller

New York Institute of Photography

Photography Seminars — a series of on-line courses; includes free seminars (index)

Portrait Photography by Brian D. Ratty
The Nature of Light by Brian D. Ratty
Light Direction by Brian D. Ratty
Glamour Photography by Bill Lemon (and sample images)
Studio Design by Brian D. Ratty
Portraiture — The Pleasure of Knowing People by Len Bernstein
The Photogenic Process by Angel Ashley
Creating Photographic Style by Art Ketchum
Lighting for the 21st Century by Art Ketchum

Photo KnowHow by Yale Joel — now a pay-site — now a pay-site by Robert Farber
Basic Photography Guide by Robert Slade — online guide to photography
Focus on Photography — online guide to photography
Shortcourses in Digital Photography
WebSLR — "Learn Basic Photography Online"
Youngstown Camera Club Online Newsletter with photography tips
The Zone System presented by Lewis Downey
The Zone System for 35mm by Joseph Lacy
Photography Tips at Garry Black Photography — new URLs
Photography|The Art of Light interactive on-line photo course

Guide to UV and IR Photography by Bjørn Rørslett

Guides to Photography — Portraiture and Glamour (return to top)
Posing and Composing by Peter Gowland
Photo Tips by Bruno Bernard (Bernard of Hollywood)

Course for Amateur Girl Photographers by Paul Brown at DOMAI

Finding and Working with Models (and sidebar by Bernard Tate)

Guides to Photography — Concert (return to top)

Marc Sabatella
Concert Photography — Equipment
Concert Photography — Technique
Concert Photography — Post-Processing

Guides to Photography — Travel Photography (return to top)

"You travel the world. You're away from home — perhaps away from your family. All you have to depend on is yourself... and your luggage." — Joe vs. the Volcano (listen)

Fodor's "Focus on Photography" — "How to Take Travel Pictures Like a Pro"
PhotoTips at — tips for travel photography
Dan's Hangout - Dan's Photo Stuff — travel and outdoor photography tips
Photo Traveler Publications with on-line photo guides
Hargett's Travel Photography Tips by Jay Hargett
Travel Photography at
Travel Photography at Agfa
Surviving a Trip with a Camera by Dante Stella
Leica M Travel FAQ by Kyle Cassidy

Travel at Photo.Net — photographer-oriented travel guides

Travel Tips by Jay Hargett

X-Ray Machines and Film by Aaron Parmet

Photographer's Rights by Bert P. Krages, Attorney at Law and related thread on

Guides to Photography — Railroad Photography (return to top)

Grumpy's Photo Guide by James E. Gilley

Railroad Photography in the Age of Terrorism:

An Article and related thread at
November 15, 2002 audio story at NPR: Trouble for Trainspotters
June 16, 2005 audio story at NPR: Photographers Becoming Security Concerns

Guides to Photography — Aviation Photography (return to top)

Aviation Photography at DPReview

Guides to Photography — Pinhole Photography (return to top)

Pinhole Photography at
Pinhole Visions
Jon Grepstad's Pinhole Photography - History, Images, Cameras, Formulas, at
Pinhole Resource
The Pinhole Gallery & Exposure Guide
Nick Dvoracek's Pinhole Photography
David Balihar's Pinhole Camera
Larry Fratkin's Exposure Calculator

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

Guides to Photography — Nature and Animal Photography (return to top)

Wildlife Research Photography by B. Moose Peterson

Tips for Zoo Photography...

by the Phoenix Zoo, pages 1 2
at at
by Gary D. Tonhouse — excellent images

Guides to Photography — Astrophotography (return to top)

Astrophotography for Beginners by Joe Roberts
Deep Space Astrophotography by Olivier Thizy
Backyard Astronomy at Sky & Telescope
Catching the Light — Astrophotography — Deep Sky Astrophotography by Jerry Lodriguss
NiteLite Astrophotography — "A poorman's guide to astrophotography using a 35mm camera (and little else)"
Lunar Eclipse Photography by Fred Espenak
Photography Lunar Eclipses at Sky & Telescope
How to Photograph the Lunar Eclipse, article 1 2 at New York Institute of Photography

Articles at

Photographing Hale-Bopp by Russ Arcuri
Star Streaks by Philip Greenspun

(See also Space & Space Exploration)


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