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"I always think photographs abominable, and I don't like to have them around, particularly not those of persons I know and love." — Vincent van Gogh

Photo Forums & Critique Sites (return to top)

"And there is something about that piece of equipment — a camera — that's kind of cool. It sort of instantly makes you the coolest person in the room." — Julia Roberts, American Photo Jan/Feb 2005

Amanda (and sign in) — a collaborative photography community

Garage Glamour (and login)

Photo Critique — Qiang Li's Photo Critique Forum

Forums for Models and Photographers, a listing


Photography Magazines (return to top)

John Fisher's (Splash!) Glossary of Photography Terms:

GLAMOUR PHOTOGRAPHY — pictures of women with no clothes on

FIGURE STUDIES — pictures of women with no clothes on

PERSONAL WORK — pictures of women with no clothes on

ART PHOTOGRAPHY — pictures of women with no clothes on, in black and white

FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY — pictures of women with no clothes on, in black and white, shot with a view camera

EDITORIAL FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY — pictures of underage women with no clothes on

Photo — en franšais

American Photo Magazine

Popular Photography

The Wit and Wisdom of Herbert Keppler

Inside Straight: Like a Leica by Herbert Keppler, December 05, 2007
Inside Straight: Battery Blues by Herbert Keppler, Octoebr 01, 2007
Inside Straight: Digital for Duffers by Herbert Keppler, September 06, 2007
Inside Straight: Film Festival by Herbert Keppler, July 26, 2007
Inside Straight: Manual Labor by Herbert Keppler, June 28, 2007
Inside Straight: Hot Heir by Herbert Keppler, May 14, 2007
Inside Straight: Optical Miracle by Herbert Keppler, April 20, 2007
Inside Straight: Picture Progress by Herbert Keppler, February 22, 2007
Inside Straight: Shoe Fetish by Herbert Keppler, January 10, 2007
Inside Straight: The Name Game by Herbert Keppler, December 12, 2006
Inside Straight: It's Elemental by Herbert Keppler, November 29, 2006

Herbert Keppler — Speaking Frankly: Rangefinder Revival December 16, 2008
Herbert Keppler — Speaking Frankly: The Contrary Mind of Hirofumi Kobayashi December 16, 2008
Herbert Keppler — Speaking Frankly: Image Stabilization — Here Today, Gone Tomorrow? April, 2007
Herbert Keppler — Speaking Frankly: Making Contact March, 2007
Herbert Keppler — Speaking Frankly: Is My Linear Mind Colliding with the Digital Era? May, 2007
Herbert Keppler — Speaking Frankly: Film Forever! October, 2006

Herbert Keppler — SLR: World-Class Glass December 16, 2008
Herbert Keppler — SLR: Setting Standards? December 16, 2008
Herbert Keppler — SLR: The CAT Did It December 16, 2008
Herbert Keppler — SLR: Jumping from Film to Digital? December 16, 2008

Peterson PHOTOgraphic Online

Rangefinder — "The Magazine for Professional Photographers"

archive of digital editions

PDN — Photo District News
Shutterbug Magazine Web Edition

Fraction Magazine
Life Magazine (new URL)
National Geographic Photography
Lens: Photography, Video, and Visual Journalism blog at NYT
The Digital Journalist by Dirck Halstead
Luminous Landscape — landscape, nature, & documentary photography
BJP Online — British Journal of Photography
@Photo at
Apogee Photo Magazine — "America's Premier Online Photography Magazine"
DPI Digital Photography & Imaging
Photo Shopper
Black & White World & The World @ Street Level
Blind Spot
Reportage Photography Online — British — online magazine
iTiS "Le guide internet des photographes et de la photographie en france" — en franšais

Copyright and Forms (return to top)

The Photographer's Right — A Downloadable Flyer by Bert P.Krages II, Attorney at Law

(See also Web Authoring Links for other links pertaining to copyright.)

Retailers (return to top)

B&H Photo
Porter's Camera Store — good selection of neat stuff
Tallyn's Professional Photographic Supply
Hunt's Photo and Video (new URL)
Robert's Imaging
Cord Camera

Midwest Photo Exchange — Columbus, Ohio; best prices on Epson 1280 ink?

KEH Camera Brokers — purveyors of fine used photographic equipment — used equipment

Freestyle Photographic Supplies — emphasizing film & darkroom supplies, with Sunprint kits

Manufacturers (return to top)

"The absence of colour can give photographs ranging from those with a wide flowing spectrum of soft grey tones to those with dramatic extremes of light and dark. This gives the photographer an almost unlimited range of artistic interpretation and control that is just not available with colour photography." — Ilford Photo

Fujifilm (and The X System)
Konica Minolta


Sunpak — flashes and accessories
Vivitar — flashes and lenses
JTL — studio lighting and backgrounds
LumiQuest — flash accessories
Photoflex — lights and modifiers
Photogenic and StudioMax — studio lights
AlienBees — studio lights
Multiblitz — studio lights

Shoes and Crystal
by William McFadden
Lensbabies — shiftable lenses for SLRs
a review at
a review at PhotoFocus

LowePro — camera bags

Backdrop Outlet
Denny Manufacturing
Photo Pie Backdrops

Rangefinder & Vintage Equipment (return to top)

CameraQuest's Classic Camera Profiles by Stephen Gandy — descriptions of classic cameras


The Leica FAQ by Andrew Nemeth
Leica CL and Minolta CLE by Stephen Gandy at CameraQuest

J'Accuse Leica by Paul Ross

Revisiting a Classic: The Legendary Leica M6 at by Frank Van Riper

Canonette QL17:

Q17 GIII at by Stephen Gandy at CameraQuest
QL17 by Kyle Cassidy

Olympus 35 rangefinders:

Olympus 35 RC and Olympus 35 RD at CameraQuest

Olympus Rangefinders by Andrew Yue, with instructions

Olympus 35 RC
Olympus 35 RD
Olympus 35 SP

Threads at of interest to Olympus 35 rangefinder owners:

43.5mm Filters for Olympus 35 RC
Replacing Light Seals
Cleaning Olympus 35 RC
70's Rangefinders versus 90's Point-and-Shoot

Servicing Olympus 35RC by Rick Oleson
Manuals for various Olympus 35 rangefinders

Camera and Lens Repair (return to top)

Essex Camera Services, Inc.
Pentax Camera Service by Eric Hendrickson

Lighting & Electronic Flash (return to top)

Strobist — "learn how to light"

Electronic Flash Information by Toomas Tamm

a thread about battery packs for the Vivitar 283 at — homemade lighting

flash-mount softbox
soft-flash diffuser
beauty dish
beauty dish
beauty dish
ring flash
flash-mount snoot
flash-mount snoot
pop-up flash diffuser
business-card pop-up flash reflector
worry-free digital white balance
external flash battery

Resources for Models and Photographers (return to top)

"Talent is practicing what you love, long patience, and perserverance." — Gustav Flaubert

Model Mayhem
MuseCube — "Portfolio Hosting & Talent Directory"
One Model Place (with Lindsey H., & Diane H.)

Hint Fashion Magazine

Miscellaneous (return to top)
The Darkroom — on-line film developing (and blog posting by Gordon Lewis)

Forgotten Ohio — industrial ruins in Ohio

"Photography is a mistress that will call your heart away from other equally important aspects in your life." — Zack Arias

SmugMug Films — "Be Inspired"

School of Visual Arts, New York City — "...a compendium of several amazing voices from the SVA community which illustrates the intangible value of an arts education, and how being a part of the greater SVA community can affect us far beyond what we ever could have otherwise expected."

Michael Johnston:

The Online Photographer
Johnston on Photography at
The Sunday Morning Photographer archive at Luminous Landscape

Kyle Cassidy:

The Exciting Blog
words words words
The Official Gen-X Leicaslacker Bag (archived at the Internet Archive)

Eolake Stobblehouse:
Eolake Stobblehouse Thoughts (blog)

"The process of making a good portrait of a beautiful person depends on each of you falling a little bit in love for just a little while." — Kirk Tuck

Kirk Tuck:
Visual Science Lab
Kirk Tuck Imaging ( (portraits only)

Gordon Lewis: Shutterfinger blog
Scott Bourne's Photofocus blog
Melissa Rodwell: Fashion Photography Blog

Ned Bunnell: Ned's Photo Journal, a blog by the former President of Pentax Imaging USA
David Hobby: Strobist — "learn how to light"
Joe McNally: & blog

Fstoppers — video blog for creative professionals

Photography on a Budget & blog

Essays by Dante Stella
Essays by Ken Rockwell
Essays by Frank Von Ripper

Depth of Field Calculators:

print-it-yourself paper

The Photography Channel — "Photographic Storytelling for the Modern Media"

Professional Photographers of America

My Own Content (return to top)

Photography Log Sheet: 8-1/2x11 36-exp | 4x6 24-exp | 4x6 36-exp
Railroad Photography Log Sheet in Word95 format
Model Release Form: Adult | Minor; in Word95 format
Notes on Fill Flash with Non-TTL Autoflash
Monitor Adjustment Chart


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