Martial Arts Tricking is a relatively new sport that combines demonstration matial arts techniques with gymnastics to create an aesthetic blend of kicks, flips, and twists. The sport developed through competative martial arts and wushu demonstrations in the 80's and early 90's. Trickers usually practice their sport in a gymnastics gym or out in the grass In just the last ten years tricking has gained a world wide following. Professional teams of trickers can be found in the United States, Isreal, Brazil, Japan, Holland, Norway, China, Germany and Austrailia. There are a number of annual international meetups and competitions that draw in tricers from around the world called 'gatherings'. Most notable is the Dreadnought Gathering in Germany and the Loopkicks battles in Los Angeles.

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Because of the demanding nature of martial arts tricking has become popular among the fitness culture as well. Many trickers follow a strict diet and excercise routine to stay strong enough for tricking which includes strenth traing and flexibility training. This can include weight training, running, and yoga. However not all trickers are health nuts. Likewise, not all trickers come from a background in martial arts or gymnastic. The disorganized grassroots nature of the sport allows for someone to teach themselves to trick in their own backyard.

Because tricking is young and relatively unknown most tricking communities rely on the internet for support and advice. Most trickers train solo and only meet up with others at gatherings. This has created a number of forums and tutorial websites that rely heavily on internet video sharing for learning and demonstrating what they can do. The sport of tricking is rapidly gaining popularity though. In the recent remake of 'Tron' tricking was featured as part of a game. That roll starred, Anis Cheurfa, one of the big names in tricking.

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