Internet Service Providers

Earthlink- Earthlink is an isp that provides both broadband and dial up internet service. They provide DSL at 6mbps at $14.95 a month and cable internet at 15 mbps for $29.99 a month.

Clearwire- Clearwire is an internet service provider that is unconventional because they provide a wide range of wireless 4G internet as instead of cable or DSL. Because of the nature of their service the speed they offer varies by location. The average is 3-6 mbps but some places can get up to 100 mbps. They offer two plans. The first provides an average of 1.5 mbps at $34.99 a month and the other provides 3-6 mbps at $49.99 a month.

Comcast- Comcast provides a number of budled packages for television and phone service as well as internet. Their internet only plans provide 20mbps for $29.95 a month, 30 mbps for $49.95 a month, 50 mbps for $114.95 a month, and 105 mbps for $199.95 a month.