Welcome to my webpage. Let me take a minute to introduce myself. My name is Misti, I am currently a full time mom, wife, student and employee. I have all the time in the world to dedicate to my interests and likes, right? Since I don't have the spare time right now, I'm going to use my webpage as a bucket list for things I want to do, try and explore when the time finally is available.

Bucket List (No Specific Order)

1.Take my kids to Disney World
2. Take my kids to every state in the United States
3. Spend a year traveling the world with my husband and kids
4. Travel to Paris and shop with my best girlfriends
5. Swim with dolphins
6. Not be afraid to ride a ferris wheel
7. Drive a racecar around a race track
8. Spend time really getting to know my parents
9. Write down all my family memories and stories from my parents/grandparents
10. Go to New York City for New Years Eve
11. Run my own business
12. Organize and run my own non-profit organization providing assistance for those who need it.
13. Be selfish for just one day, make it a day about me for me.
14. Marry my husband again
15. Take a hot air balloon ride over the Grand Canyon

There are many other things I'd like to do, but honestly can tell you that I haven't taken the time to write them all down. This has renewed my interest in completing my bucket list. I plan on sitting down with my husband and writing one together as well as asking for input from our 10 and 4 year old sons. I'm sure they will include things such as "I want to be a Pokemon for one day" and other very interesting things that boys think of. Check back for updates on my bucket list. I'm sure it will keep growing and growing. Soon, I hope to start crossing items off the list. That's when life will get very interesting.

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