Christ The Lord By Anne Rice

When Anne Rice wrote this book it really stunned many of her readers. She is usually known for her titles such as The Interview With A Vampire and The Vampire Chronicles. So when she announced this title I was more than curious. What she has done with this famous story is interesting. She has taken the famously known story of Christ and turned it into a real life book. She starts out with Jesus at age seven and tells his story as what she believed would have really happened had he been adorned with godlike powers through childhood and adolescence. One part tells how Jesus was playing out in the streets with some children and had gotten himself in a fight with another young boy. He defended himself from being hit by pushing the child but accidently killed him with his ultimate power. Then he stirred up the neighborhood by reving the lifeless child by touch. This of course in those times would cause his family to have to flee from home to home. I have yet to finish this book due to my very busy schedule, but I find it quite interesting.

Psychic Phenomena By Sylvia Browne

This book is a non-fiction book written by Sylvia Browne. It is a true account of her life as a world renowned psychic. She is not like Cleo or other crystal ball psychics, she works cases for the government and is famous for her predictions about the Earth. I enjoy reading these stories about her paranormal experiences and like to not only be a skeptic but to keep an open mind on the things she believes. She has written many books and has appeared on Montel Williams. There are a few things she talks about that I do however disagree with, but nonetheless she seems wise in her shoes.

Ghosts of Ohio

Needless to say from my previous book choices I find the paranormal very interesting. I read this book a few years back and can't remember the author, but it was still an interesting read. It is a compilation of short ghost stories from true accounts in Ohio. Some of the authors of these tales will surprise you because they are upstanding citizens in society. One of the locations from the book is actually here in Lancaster. The Sherman House has a spooky tale all its own I was quite interested in hearing. I guess I have always been curious about spirits and the paranormal since a small child. I have had a few unexplained things happen myself and books like this let you compare stories without the usual jokes or down talk you hear from ordinary people. I love the old tales of missing loves and entities from beyond this world reaching out. I am a sucker for a good scare as well, my night light bills are outrageous.

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