One of My Favorite Places

Clear Creek, Ohio


Although I have many places that I love to go, one of those places is Clear Creek. It was much better when I was younger though, nowadays you can hardly go anywhere down there without several restrictions. I remember when I was little my parents would always take us there to play in the creek and learn things like catching crawldads(crayfish) or skipping stones. I used to get with my brother and try to build a dam to make the water deeper so we could swim in it. It always feels so pleasant when your down there. I really wish it was still the good old days sometimes so I could go back and tread through the creek beds and smell the fresh country air. We used to hike around down there and explore things all the time when I was little.


Recently I took my two little girls down to hike around and get out in the fresh air a bit, without all the city contamination. It just wasn't the same as I remember, and although we had a lot of fun, it made me a little sad. It took me a while to actually find a spot that was okay for them to play. Once we did though they enjoyed running up the trail, and looking at the wild flowers and bugs they came across. They were as excited as I was when I was a little girl to get out there and play in the dirt. Little did they know how much it has changed though. I let them collect a few stones, although it is not allowed, I just couldn't tell them no when they tried. I felt like I at least wanted them to get a tiny bit of the old days experience. We packed up earlier than I had really wanted to and headed for the car. I remember telling them to watch out for the falling rock. This excited me so much when I was younger. It was a huge boulder that overhangs the little gravel road. Although the road is now paved, and not near as exciting, at least the old boulder was still there. "I hope it lasts forever", I thought to myself as we headed down the lane.


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