Earth's Natural Beauties


When I think of beauty the first thing that comes to mind is natural beauty. I find this in many forms, one of which is gemstone form. I have a decent size collection of gemstone and have showcased some of my gemstones for you on this page. The first photo is a picture of my newest purchase. It is an amethyst encrusted shell. This piece is valued at around $50.00. I like the properties os the Amethyst gemstone. It is said to bring healing energies. It is also the birthstone for the month of February which is my husband's birth month. I have a daughter due to be born in December and we are planning on naming her Willow Amethyst Lunsford. I also have two older daughters we named Lilly Pearl and Iris Jade. I picked their names from flowers and gemstones. Things that match their natural beauty as well. Here is my image of the Amethyst shell.

Goblet of Gems

I have been collecting my gemstones for some time now and I have all sizes , shapes and colors. Most are rough gemstones those are my favorite kind. I plan on making a mosaic artwork from some of my smaller stones but I just have not had the time to take on the task yet. I hope to create a flower for each of my daughters in this style. I know that willow is mostly known for the tree, but there is a Willow Blossom as well. So I want to create a Lilly , Iris And Willow blossom from my small gemstone pieces. I think that it will turn out lovely. I just hope I can actually bring life to the flowers in the artwork for them.

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