Internet Service Providers

Today I am going to be comparing Internet Service Providers. The first ISP I will look at is Century Link. This provider comes with four different packages. They all carry a different bandwidth and prices range according to the speed of the bandwidth. The first deal is 768 KBPS and it cost $14.95 per month, the second has 1.5 MBPS and is priced at $19.95 per month, the third has a speed of 3.0 MBPS and cost $24.95 and finally the fourth at 10.0 MBPS at a cost of $29.95 per month.

The next Internet Service provider I will look at is Buckeye Cable System. They also offer a range of services with various speeds and cost. Due to the amount I will just list them from slowest and least cost to fastest and higher cost. They start with a download speed (bandwidth) of 800 KBPS at $19.99, 4 MBPS at $29.99, 10 MBPS at $44.99, 20 MBPS at $69.989, 30 MBPS at $84.99, and finally 50 MBPS at $99.99. These rates are applied monthly.

Last but not least I will look at Verizon. This one is the one I found most interesting.They offer a high speed DSL with a bandwidth range of .5-1 MBPS for $24.99 mon., They also offer an enhanced version that gives you either 1.1-3 MBPS, 3.1-7 MBPS, or 7.1-15 MBPS for $39.99mon., at the one I found to be very interesting was the FIOS package, it is actually 100% Fiber Optic and has various speeds as well, 15/5 MBPS at $49.99, 25/25 MBPS at $69.99, 50/20 MBPS at $139.99 and a whopping 150/35 MBPS at $199.99. This is the first I had heard of fiber optic service before. It sounds pretty fast from what I read.

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