How I First Came To Love Rocks

Hello, My name is Molly Lunsford and I am here today to tell you about my love for rocks. I know it sounds goofy, but they are probably my biggest passion in life besides my family.It all started when I was younger. I grew up in a very large , very poor family.I didn't get gifts for holidays or toys really in general. I played outside for most of my childhood. I was a backyard chef. Well through lots of exploring I found rocks. All kinds , my favorite were the sparkly ones.I now have a great life and am a gemstone collector so rocks have been there with me always.

Where Does My Collection Come From?

Well although I have loved rocks for a very long time, I didn't really start collecting them until about seven years ago. I would find a "pretty" rock or one that was "unique" and I would collect it.When I met my husband he acknowledged my passion and I made the decision to start actually purchasing rocks and rough cut gemstones.Now I have a wonderful collection. I feel my stones have a great story to tell and possess a lovely energy from the Earth.

My Next Step

I plan on taking my rock journey to the next level by Gemstone Mining. There are a couple places in the United States that allow you to prospect for Gemstone, Like Sapphire and Emeralds.I have ordered some mining tools and had the chance to sluece for a few already.It is going to be my addiction. Here is a link to a place in North Carolina where you can mine gemstones all day.

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