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As kid growing up, I always loved sports. Being from Columbus, I naturally became an Ohio State Sports fan.
Ohio State football has been one of the most successful programs in the country for as long as many people can remember.
With the new hiring of Urban Meyer, Ohio State football will continue to see success on the gridiron.

Another team I grew up constantly watching was the Cleveland Indians. I fell in love with the team when I was
five years old and they made a World Series run to play against the Braves. It was fun to watch my team be
successful for a change, but that success was not long lasted. They have made two other playoff runs in my
lifetime, but have not been able to break the winless streak since 1948.

The last team I grew up watching was the Cleveland Browns. I was six years old when the team left for
Baltimore and I was crushed. I continued to watch football and rooted for other teams, but no team was mine
like the Browns were. I was extatic when I learned the team was coming back in 1999. Unfortunately, they have
not had much success since being back. They have only made the playoffs one time and still have no playoff victories.

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