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Mary Manusos
Fine Artist

 8 Coventry Lane / Athens OH 45701
(740) 593-8145 / FAX (740) 592-5235

Green Palapa / 44" x 46"
etching on handmade paper / 1993





B.A., San Diego State University

M.A., University of Wisconsin-Madison

M.F.A., University of Wisconsin-Madison

Professor of Art, Ohio University, Athens


from D'ART OBJECTS / 1979
manipulated SX70 photos

San Patricio Series / 1982
mixed media on paper / 22" x 30"

Inside Out / 1987
handmade paper / 24" x 22"

Turquoise House / 1984
acrylic on canvas / 68" x 68"

from Sporting Life / 1989
installation view

Arched Doorway w/Llamas / 1992
etching on handmade paper / 44" x 32"

Artist Statement 

For many years my art has held together as a statement of color and response to places and situations I have experienced. Then in 1976, I become fascinated with the bright colors and light of Mexico.

This fascination resulted in the creation of 600 SX-70 photographs, which were manipulated to accentuate the essence of each particular situation recorded. The images were edited and published as D'ART OBJECTS, a Collaboration by Mary Manusos and John Chakeres, 1979. These photographs played an important role in the structure and content of my subsequent art work.

In 1981 I returned to Mexico and commenced on an extensive body of work that included photographs, paintings on paper, handmade paper, a series of large paintings, and an installation with my husband Mel Durand. I became especially interested in the explorations in handmade paper. These works have allowed me numerous opportunities to teach and exhibit in Jalisco, Sonora, and Yucatan Mexico, Quito Ecuador, and the USA.

For the last nine years I have been working with traditional etching techniques on handmade paper. The materials I use are intentionally chosen for their visual resonance; the paper for its softness of texture and the etching for definition. The paper and print create a feeling of two layers of information coexisting to evoke a sense of timelessness. These images are abstract representations of the fragile nature of the Latin American architectural landscape, layers of culture, and the stillness of the observation as they are reflected upon. I have included 3 pages of this work on the web site: page1 / page2 / page3.

My most current work involves the reconfiguration of my architectural images with over printing that implies a submergence of these landscapes with water, flames, and vegetation. These fluid layers of color reform the images of the past in a parallel way to the past reformation of these architectural landscapes.


Review by Doctor Inez M. Flores

Historian and Critic
Mexico City, Mexico

Doctor Flores was brought in from Mexico City to review the exhibit at the Sala de Artes del Colegio de Arquitectos de Pichincha, in Quito, Ecuador.

Subtle in her perceptions, Mary Manusos' images are constructed structured art, where the elements that set her work apart from others rest on elaborated conceptualization and a precise technique.

Her work embodies a complex pattern of meaning in spite of the apparent simplicity of the selected motifs. The artist works on structures of perfectly organized compositions made up of overlapping planes and creative ambiances in a seductive straight forward play of vibrant colors. Each piece is a manifestation regulated by shapes and spaces that determine relations and associations leading to the creation of a new reality.

The meticulous operation needed to produce the work's foundation (hand made paper of cotton fiber), qualitatively reinforces the artists creative process. Through her own postulates, she objectifies her formulation on perception to such a degree, that she reaches the art plane following a clear and original path.

Manusos brings to light an intelligent human process with which she dotes meaning to the most simple things. In her houses and ambiances she succeeds in insinuating a disquieting antidote. Also evident are potentially ambiguous and fantastic references of strong chromatic vigor.

Manusos' greatest achievement rests in eliminating any dated quality from her work, The work remains timeless. Here is a spontaneous and contemporary art created by someone aesthetically mature. A clear art produced by a youthful artist, that is totally devoid of prejudices.

Doctor Inez M. Flores / Quito, Ecuador




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