My Favorite Place

In 2006 I spent three weeks in a study-abroad program in Ireland. It remains my favorite place, even though I was not ale to see the entire Island in such a short visit. The program was based at the University of Limerick, on the Shannon River. There were excursions weekly, and coursework was intense and demanding. I learned a lot about Irish history and folklore.

On our first evening at UL we were treated to a social hour, where we were entertained with fiddle and Irish bagpipes (yes, they are much different than the Scottish bagpipes that are what we in the US typically think of). It was an intimate setting with only two local performers.

The University of Limerick

I don't have access to my notes, nor to most of my photos as I work on this assignment. What I remember about the Folklore Statuary is that it is on the grounds, in a somewhat secluded location. I was impressed by the viewing tunnel formed by the trees, which I didn't realize was there the first time I passed by.

Cool Folklore Statue

Plassey House is a historic building on campus. We were entertained with a dinner in the hugh dining room. Irish hospitality is gracious and the food delicious, although the daily fare at "The Stables" was a bit mundane.

Plassey House

In the video below, you can take a closer look at the campus.

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