My Crazy Summer Plans

The first and most extensive part of my summer is almost over. I drove to Utah to keep my promise to take my 17-year-old son to visit his best friend, whose family moved to Provo two years ago. I drove because it was the cheapest way to go, and it allowed me to have a car for the ten days we were here. I stayed in Saratoga Springs with my youngest daughter's family. We also brought along two of my granddaughters to meet up with their father and continue on to Oregon. Now is the fun part: two 15-hour days on the road home, with no relief driver!

The second part of my summer plans involves more mundane activities. I have some coursework to finish, a small business to launch, and a family to care for. Trips to visit and help my 90-year-old mother-in-law (2-hour drive each way), will break up the routine a bit.

Finally, I will spend some of my summer preparing to teach two sections of UC1000 in Athens. I have taught the class two years so far, and each year there has been a different textbook! This year it's similar to last year's text, but every year I try to improve my teaching and revise the syllabus and lesson plans accordingly. I will also serve as the advisor for the students in the two classes, so I expect to attend freshman orientation.

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