Tips on Researching Web Hosting Companies

I narrowed my search for web hosting to two choices. I have a domain registration already with Dotster, at the recommendation of my son-in-law, who is a programmer.

My second choice is one that I found whimsical, and therefore intriguing. It was also one of the three recommended on the WordPress site: LaughingSquid. Here is one of two choices of logo they provide the html for, if you want to add it to your page:

Powered by Laughing Squid

The process of looking for a website host feels similar to car shopping. You might want the new Porsche, but know your income and lifestyle limit you to a new Hyundai. Hopefully, you can put a lot of miles on your Elantra, and it will help you earn the income to move up to the Porche. (And analogy aside, if you are smart you'll realize you should keep the Elantra around for practical driving.)

As with most comparisons, it's not exactly a matter of "apples and oranges." To get the best fit, a website designer needs to go into the research knowing what features are must-haves, and which features can be sacrificed. If you haven't done this homework first, you will either realize very quickly that you need to get it done before proceeding, or you may make a commitment that looks cheaper up front but costs big in the long run. A small business does not usually have the resources to cover many big mistakes.

According to the w3schools, you should be looking for at least eight factors (OK, they only list seven. But I split "Bandwidth or Content Restrictions" into separate factors):

Some other important considerations were presented by our instructor, Christine Wolfe:

Two more considerations.These I thought of myself, as a result of the research for this assignment.

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