Exploring The European Union Directive on Data Protection of 1995


I have little experience with European research so this section wil be, alas, less robust that my U.S. pages.


This appears to be the full text of the European law


This is a PDF you can view onscreen or download. Apparently Someone with four sets of initials after her name was qualified to make a readable synopsis of some ramifications. It has a link to CSI (Computer Security Institute), a group that claims to be the go-to place if you would like become an internet security professional. It appears to be a for-profit, though. The About Us section does not really answer the question, but diverts us to their offerings and their Advisory Council.


This site appears to be legit. It is an Iternational Practice Group, in this case, a law firm. The page contains an inline frame copy of a book chapter covering the topic.


I have to admit, I chose this reference because I liked the sound of Gazang! This is a company that markets to those needing encryption resources. There is a very, very brief (six whole sentences disguised as three paragraphs!) explanation of the European directive, which is used to lead into a sales pitch. These are sites you should be aware of and learn to know the difference, if you don't already. And they date their page! Gazang!


The byline for this site is, EU News & Policy Debates Across Languages They have dates! And Authors! This particular page highlights an article that is aimed at explaining the impact on business that need to or may occur should the law be revised in the way it is currently heading.

Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)

Deja vu! (If you read my US page first, that is.) This site has a clean and easily-navigable layout. It gives a clear introduction to the topic, and lists ramifications of the law as it stands. They also list reform measures that have and will be attempted. Even though the site itself does not have a date, it is easy to see from the info listed that it is kept current. Links to informational resources abound, and seem to be mostly original sources. It is a non-profit organization run by a board. They have information on the U.S. law as well.