Vahe Lskavyan

Associate Professor

Contact Information

Department of Economics
Ohio University

Bentley Annex

Athens, OH 45701


Office: Bentley Annex 321


·         Ph.D., Economics, Washington University, 2005

·         M.A., Economics, Washington University, 2001

·         Graduate courses in economics (1994-1996), CERGE, Czech Republic

·         MBA courses (1992-1994), American University of Armenia

·         Diploma (1992), Engineering, Polytechnic Institute, Armenia 

Work Experience

·         Associate Professor (2011-), Assistant Professor (2005-2011), Economics, Ohio U.

·         Associate Economist, Supervision and Regulation Unit, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, 2004 – 2005

·         Graduate Teaching Assistant, Instructor, Washington University, 2000-2004

·         Instructor, Anglo-American College, Prague, Czech Republic, 1996, 1998-1999

·         Graduate Assistant, CERGE, Czech Republic, 1996-1998

Courses Taught

·         Ohio U: Managerial Economics, IO, Game Theory, Principles of Micro, Graduate Micro

·         Washington U, University College: Introduction to Micro, Price Theory

·         Anglo-American College, Prague: Money & Banking, Corp. Finance, Principles of Macro



·      Insider Regulation and the Incentive to Invest as an Insider, Economics of Governance, 16(3), 2015

·      Donor-Recipient Ideological Differences and Economic Aid, Economics Letters,123(3), 2014

·      A Computational Model of Politicians-Bureaucracy Relationship in a Competitively Authoritarian Environment, with V. Melkonian, Int. J. Computational Economics and Econometrics, 2(1), 2011

·      Democracy Levels and the Income-Military Expenditure Relationship, Applied Economics Letters, 18(15), 2011

·      Ownership Concentration, Shareholder Protection and FDI, with M. Spatareanu, Journal of Economics  and Business, 63(1), 2011

·      Host Country’s Governance and the Size of Foreign Investors, with M. Spatareanu, Economics Letters, 100(2), 2008

·      A Rational Choice Explanation for Stalin’s Great Terror, Economics and Politics, 19(2), 2007

·      Ownership Concentration, Market Monitoring and Performance: Evidence from the UK, the Czech Republic and Poland, with M. Spatareanu, Journal of Applied Economics, IX (1), May 2006

·      Multiple Shareholder Control as a Signaling Mechanism, Economics Bulletin, 7, 2006

·      Basel II Will Trickle Down to Community Bankers, Consumers, with W. R. Emmons and T. J. Yeager, The Regional Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, 2005