Skirmish at Eagleport

Eagleport, Ohio


(continued from "History of Perry County")
He had gone up the tributary of Big Monday Creek, through where are now the towns of Orbiston and Murray, then crossed the Monday Creek Sunday Creek divide, struck our county in Section 35, Coal Township, came down into the valley of Hemlock, followed the Sunday Creek Branch through Buckingham and reached Millertown sometime in the afternoon. Here he rested his men till six o'clock in the evening. He took some horses in the Neighborhood of Buckingham. Four were taken from Squire McDonald, one from Morgan Devore, Mr. Moore and Thomas Skenyon.
Shackleford reached Millertown during the night and camped on the ground where Morgan had rested his men in the afternoon. It can be seen that the Union General was here losing ground. His men were so completely exhausted and their horses were in such a condition that the progress was very slow. Richard Nuzum, ex-county commissioner of Perry County, went up to Millertown the next morning and found men sleeping all around. It was ten o'clock before the union forces left Millertown. Meanwhile Morgan had passed through where Corning now is, climbed the hill to Chapel Hill Church, passed up to Porterville and then out of the county, camping for the night on Island Run in Morgan County. Morgan had pressed Henry Kuntz, a citizen of our county, into his service as a pilot. Several New Lexington men whose curiosity was greater than their prudence went out on the trail of the confederates. Suddenly they rode into the camp on Island Run. Two of them captured. They were taken along, but were allowed their freedom somewhere over in Guernsey county...

Raider Pvt. McGee's old head stone
Raider Pvt. McGee's new head stone

McConnelsville Reenactment and Living history

Third weekend of July

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