Lord Dunmore

Lord Dunmore's Camp Site

  • Camp Site Marker

  • This marker erected by the Boy Scouts, marks close to the area that Lord Dunmore established his camp on his way to Chillicothe. Lord Dunmore stopped and camped at the mouth of the Sunday Creek were it runs into the Hocking river.

  • Camp Site in distance

  • The area is part of the Athens County home and has been farmed for many years. A survey by the Ohio Archealogical Society early in the 1900's, deamed the site to be of no further investigation. They found some buttons and musket balls but due to the farming and flooding, further exploring was called off.

    Two other sites in Athens county are associated with Lord Dunmore's march though. At the mouth where the Hocking River meets the Ohio River, lord Dunmore established Fort Gower. Also, he camped by where the Federal Creek runs into the Hocking. Fort Gower was said to be deamable for further surveying by the OAS back in the early 1900's. Don't know what ever was found or if one was done (I'm still looking for info).

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