My favorite things to do come summer or fall!

One of my favorie things to do in summer would have to be going for walks on the walking/biking on the new trails that meander through Lancaster. We have a nice network of trails here, and I have not been on it all, but keep exploring little-by-little.

Sometimes, my family and i will ride our bikes on these trails, which are paved and smooth, just right for long rides to other parts of the city, and also several parks and lakes. The bike path goes almost all the way around Lancaster. Here is a picture of me on the trail at hocking park near the mall. And, here is a link to a Map highlighting the bike/walking trail.

Click on the bridge

My family has also enjoyed many rips to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. The kids always love to visit the animal exhibits such as the lions, elephants and gorillas. their favorite place is the aquarium, full of fish, sharks and rays.

In the fall, we especially like to ridethrough the country to see the fall colors of the leaves begin to change.We are looking foward to this fall, as the bike trail is surrounded by lots of trees and senic views. This fall will also be filledwith lots of fun and music, with my daughter, Myka ,marching with the high school band, athe the football games.

Here is a List of some of the things you might need to get the most of a bike ride on the trails. Now get going and have some fun!!!

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