Where is my favorite place????

My favorite place is hard to narrow down to one specific here or there. Some of my favorite things, such as family, friends, food, and music would have to be there. Almost anywhere could become a favorite place, as long as my familt is near. We like to spend time together going for walks or bicycle rides on the trails through the woods or swimming at a lake or pool, or sometimes we tackle the yard work around the house, and, then my favorite place becomes the woods, lake, pool or home.

More and more I find that home is truely where the heart is, at least for me. For that reason I am less and less comfortable at other people's home's. I have all the creature comforts at my command, I know where everything is, all the little things that just can't be had elsewhere. When visiting family and friends at their homes It's so hard to get comfortable, 'cause you never know where to sit or where the glasses are or what the lines are which shouldn't be crossed.

I have come to realize these things while watching others attempt to get comfortable, not knowing where the bathroom is or wheather to flush or not, or where to stand or sit. So, in the end, all thats needed for me to be in a "Favorite Place" is family, friends, music, and food, and all this usually converges at home, and home is where that usually happens. Home is my favorite place!