My plans for summer include shows, classes, practices and more...

This summer started out at a hectic pace, as my daughter is in the marching band, and has had practice nearly every day since school let out. Myka also has percussion lessons and has attended summer school so she can get ahead and have a jump on her first year of high school.

I also have a crazy schedule with homework from three classes and band practice of my own and at the same time I am constantly looking for work and playing shows. My wife and youngest daughter watched the parade on the 4th of July, and Myka marched with the band.

My birthday is on July 11, and I get to play two shows back-to back on July 12 and 13. I hope to play in front of two big crowds and am waiting word on more shows, about which updated information can be found in the near future on my band's website, so follow the link below. I haven't published a web page of my own until this course, and I'm sure along with my other classes I'll have to work hard to keep up. On to the rest of the summer and the successful completion of my summer courses!

Band Info

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