CTCH 1270

I have always loved music. Having been born in Memphis and raised in Nashville, it was inevitable for me to become a guitar player. I learned to play beginning at age 17, and have attempted to form several bands in the past.

I have learned many songs from 50's rock to todays' metal and rock. My friend has convinced me that I should play in his country band, and 5 weeks ago I couldn't play one country song all the way through. Now, after two local shows, I know 30 new songs (though not perfectly) of which about 1/3 are originals written by the band before I was asked to join.

We have a C.D. going at the studio, and some tracks are on sale through our website. We have two shows on the 12 and 13 of July, and hope for a large crowd. Our groups' name is "Ray Bond and the Black Diamond Band". We also play covers from old traditionals to new country, with many current songs and all the old favorites, and we all love to perform for any party or celebration, and can provide samples to prospective gigs anytime.

I am including a link to my bands' websiteRBABDB ,and hope anyone reading will check us out, even if it's not your thing, you will still hear something you like. Thanks for reading, check back soon for more information.

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