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What is this page about?

This site will explain exactly what Google Street View is and the current issues involved with it; compared to its usefullness.

What exactly is Google Street View?

Google's Street View uses vehicles and high definition cameras (Shown below) to create a 3D map of streets, roads,
places, buildings, and general areas all around the world. It creates a first person experience of real places. CLICK HERE to see street view and what it does.

What is the issue?

Google's Street View creates potential privacy threats, and causes problems among cultures and regions.

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Camera Used to take 3D images.
It takes many high quality photos in all 360 degrees.

Car used for street view.
It is just one of many types of vehicles used to capture images.

coverage of street view and potential coverage.
Blue is full coverage, Green is Museum mode only, white is none.

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