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Hi! My name is Levi George, and this page will be describing an interest I have in my life. This one thing that really interests me is video games!
Video games are so abundant in variety and type! They can be simple arcade games to vast adventure games and can be played on many types of devices from consoles, handhelds, desktops, and even phones & tablets. These are why they never cease to interest me; they have so much to offer.
Another aspect to Video games that draws me in is the opportunity to socialize with others and to form connections with people; be it a friend sitting next to me playing a shooter & having a good time, or a person hundreds and hundreds of miles away helping me defeat the enemy team in a co-op mission.
Video games aren't just forms of entertainment. Yes, they can be fun; but they also can be educational and useful. For example, arcade puzzle games can be helpful in maintaining a healthy mind and to promote logical thinking. Or with the new trend of motion gaming like the Xbox Kinect that uses the player's body as the controller. These types of video games and technology can be used to encourage healthy exercise and wellness.
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