Graduate Students

One of the most rewarding aspects of my career is the opportunity I have to work with bright and motivated students. If you have interests in the study of Human/Environmental Interaction, Environmental Impact Assessment, Hazards,  Environmental Planning/Management and you enjoy exploring the application of GIS, Remote Sensing, Quantitative Methods, or Computer Simulation in new and exciting ways let's talk.......

44) Heather DeWalt, Evaluating 25 Years of Environmental Change Using A Combined Remote Sensing-Earth Trend Modeling Approach: A Northern California Case Study, 2011

43) Benjamin Shender,  Geospatial Patterns of Peak Oil Vulnerability in Appalachain Ohio, 2010

42) Walter Kropp,  A Spatial Mutlicriteria Decision Analysis Approach for Evaluating Sustainable Development, 2010

41) Matthew Alden, Remote Sensing Techniques for Monitoring Coal Surface Mining and  Reclamation in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming, 2009

40) Lyndsey Abel, Evaluating A Method for Measuring Community Vulnerability to Hazards: A Hurricane Case Study in New Orleans, 2008

39) Kosei Takahashi, Greenspace Depletion in Tokyo, Japan: A GIS Evaluation, 2008

38) David May, A Mulitspectral Remote Sensing Investigation of leaf Area Index at Black Rock Forest,NY, 2006

37) Karis Day, Assessing the Impact of Highway Infrastructure Development on Land Use /Land Cover Change in Appalachian Ohio, 2006  

36) Nicole Stump,  Modeling Wildfire Potential in Southeastern Ohio using Geospatial Technology, 2006

35) Patrick Ertel, Modeling Habitat Suitability for the Eastern Oyster in Pamlico Sound North Carolina in a GIS: A Multi-Criteria Evaluation Approach, 2005

34) Timothy Price, The Great Hopewell Road: GIS Solutions Towards Pathway Discovery, 2004.

33) Edgar Ek, Monitoring Land Use and Land Cover Change in Belize: A Digital Change Detection Approach, 2004.

32) Alpana Rai, Configuring an ArcIIMS Application to Create A Website for Interactive Digital Mapping, 2004.

31) Valeri Kovalskyy, On the Applications of Heuristic Optimization Techniques in Land Evaluation, 2004.

30) Monica Kovacic, An Integrated Approach to Assessing Toxic Release Vulnerability: A Case Study in Washington, CO, Ohio,  2003.

29) Janel Noval, Environmental Impacts of Urban Growth in Pittsburg, PA: An Information Technology Case Study, 2003

28) Lixue Sun, Texture Analysis through Markov Modeling: Applications to Farmland Area Extraction and Change Detection from Satellite Images, 2003

27) Alex Owusu,  Problems in the Design of a Geographic Information System for Urban Green Development in Ghana,  2003.

26) Yu Xia, "Applying Side-scanning Sonar Data for Sediment Distribution Mapping Within the Grand Canyon, 1998 to 2000", 2002.

25) Shannon E. Cummins, "Remote Sensing Technology for Environmental Plan Monitoring: A Case Study of the Comprehensive
Monday Creek Watershed Plan", 2002.

24) Uttam K. Bera, " A Comparison of Digital Change Detection Methods Applied to an Urban Setting", 2002.

23) Oksana M. Starchenko, " The Role of Cumulative Impacts in Land Use Change, 1997.

22) John D. Waldron, " The Delineation and Analysis of Prehistoric Landscapes and Culture in Southeast Ohio, 1997.

21) Samuel J. Wallace, "Assessing the Vulnerability of Groundwater to Pesticides Within a GIS Environment, 1997.

20) Ramakrishnan Algan. "Land Use Change in the Dumbara Range Forest, Sri Lanka, 1956-1992, 1996.

19) David Simon. "Integration of Geographic Information Systems and a Model to Estimate Sedimentation in a Watershed", 1996.

18) Kenneth C. Curry. "Using a Geographic Information System and Land Use/ Land Cover Data to Evaluate Moose Habitat in the Lake Superior Region, Michigan", 1996.

17) David B. Heidenreich. "Enhancing Implementation Strategies for Geographic Information Systems in Emergency Management", 1996.

16) Aaron Burk. "Applying a Neural Network to the Process of Soils Reclassification in a Geographic Information System", 1996.

15) Karen E. Oberer. "A Study of the Predictive Accuracy of the Environmental Impact Statement for the Wayne National Forest in South East Ohio", 1995.

14) Shari L.M. Nogrady. "A Formal Evaluation of Landscape Disturbance Characteristics for the Determination of Disturbance Classes", 1994.

13) Albert R. Sarvis. "Analysis of Ecological Succession for Small Scale Restoration of the Appalachian Trail Corridor", 1994.

12) Hugh H. Bartis. "A Study of the Human Carrying Capacity in the Eastern Cape, South Africa", 1994.

11) Russell E. Davies. "A Prototype Expert System for Solid Waste Landfill Site Selection", 1994.

10) Charles Gichana Manyara. "Exploring the Suitability of Fuzzy Set Theory in Remote Sensing: A Comparison Between Unsupervised and Fuzzy C-Means Classification", 1993.

9) Mary A. Stallings. "Assessing Ground Water Vulnerability in the New Jersey Coastal Plain: Comparing the DRASTIC Scoring Method to a Geographic Information Systems Model", 1993.

8) Christopher B. Tucker. "Evaluating the Application of Landsat MSS Data in Strip Mine Monitoring", 1992.

7) Gregg E. Gohrband. "Assessing the Risk to Ground Water Contamination From A Spill of Hazardous Material In-Transit Using a Geographic Information System", 1992.

6) Timothy J. Hanchon. "DENDROLOGER: A Prototype Expert System for Identifying Forest Associations From Aerial Photographs", 1992.

5) Asaph Anyamba. "Monitoring Seasonal Ecological Change Using NOAA-AVHRR Normalized Difference Vegetation Index Data: An Integrated Remote Sensing and GIS Approach Applied to Kenya", 1992.

4) Karel L. Cubick. "Geographic Information Systems for Natural Resource Management and Environmental Planning: A Case Study of the Ohio Capability Analysis Program", 1992.

3) Greg Neuman. "The Identification and Delineation of a Freshwater Wetland, and its Evaluation, 1991.

2) Saeed Al-Zahrani. "The Impact of Micro-Computer Based Mapping Systems on Map Design", 1990.

1) Sheila E. Horky. "The Prediction of Environmental Knowledge, Attitude, World View, and Behavior", 1990.






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