Geography 4/467

Remote Sensing Applications

This course provides an in-depth examination of advanced remote sensing methodologies and applications including hyper-spectral analysis, soft image classification, monitoring and change detection. In this course emphasis is given to the use of these methods in the environmental geo-sciences and their role in problem solving  based series of project-based case studies and labs.

Geography 466/566 is a prerequisite for this class.


Week                          Topic

1     Current Application Trends

2     Sensing in the Temporal Domain

3     Monitoring and Change Detection

Exam 1

4     Soft Classification Concepts

5     Fuzzy Classification and Dempster-Shafer Theory

6     Neural Network Classification

Exam 2

7     Hyper-spectral Remote Sensing

8     Imaging Spectrometry

9     Spectral Processing Basics

10   Hyper-spectral Analysis

Final Exam





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