Geography 4/466

Principles of Remote Sensing

This course provides an introduction to the theory and application of digital image processing techniques to remotely sensed imagery. Specifically, this course will focus on the methodologies developed to assist in the thematic extraction of earth resource information using computer-based image processing systems, earth observational satellite data, and the statistical principles fundamental to the analysis of digital imagery.

Although this is an introductory course, some familiarity with basic statistics ( central tendency, dispersion, correlation) is desirable.


Week                          Topic

1     Principles of Remote Sensing

2     Electromagnetic Radiation

3     Digital Data & Remote Sensing Platforms

4     Microwave and Thermal Sensing

Exam 1

5     Image Resolution  and Feature Definition

6     Image Pre-Processing Fundamentals

7     Image Classification Methods  and Accuracy

Exam 2

8     Land Use/ Land Cover Applications

9     Applications in the Plant Sciences

10 Applications in the Earth/Environment Sciences

Final Exam








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