Geography 3/553

Environmental Planning



Environmental planning describes a systematic attempt to integrate environmental and earth science considerations into the land use planning and land development process. The goal of environmental planning is to reduce the adverse effect of landscape change on society and the environment in order to maximize both human and environmental benefits.

In this course students will be introduced to the activities and philosophy that guide the environmental planning process at the regional and local level.

Course Objectives are: 1) to introduce the major concepts and techniques used in the environmental planning process, 2) to identify the relevant issues that motivate environmental planning concerns, and 3) to gain practical experience in the techniques used by the environmental planner.


Week                               Topic

1     The Scope & Method of Env. Planning

2     Plan Formulation and Design

3     Site Evaluation and Inventory

Exam 1

4     Assessing Natural Systems I: Topography and Soils

5     Assessing Natural Systems II: Climate and Hydrology

6     Assessing Natural Systems III: Vegetation and Wildlife

Exam 2

7       Developmental Suitability Analysis

8      Hazard, Risk, and Mitigation

9      GIS in Planning

10    Planning Ethics

Final Exam







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