Lee Research Group

Sustainable Energy and Advanced Materials (SEAM) Laboratory

Sustainable Energy and Advanced Materials (SEAM) Laboratory
Ohio University
Athens, OH 45701

Please be patient for the High Bay 1 Panoramic tour to load.

The SEAM Laboratory is located at 932 East State Street, Athens, OH. The Laboratory is divided into several sections: Alternative Fuels Wing Tour, Energy Side Non-Panoramic Tour, Polymer & Materials Wing, and an Analytical Wing. In addition the Laboratory has modest office, reception, and conference facilities. The two high bays provide infrastructure and support for several pilot plant scale supercritical fluid technology systems, fuel technology systems, experimental process unit fabrication and maintenance, coal analysis, clean water technology, polymer extrusion, polymer blending, composite materials, and injection modeling. In addition to the facility's twin screw extruder, the facility has three production scale extruders, and equipment for clean coal technology. In support of the experimental process systems is an analytical laboratory wing with laboratories for polymer and rubber characterization, fuel characterization, biotechnology, microscopy, chromatography, calorimetry, and process drafting.