Supercritical Extraction Unit

Sustainable Energy and Advanced Materials (SEAM) Laboratory

Front View of the Supercritical Fluoropolymerization Unit.

The supercritical extraction unit comprises of an 4 ft by 3 ft by 7 ft steel enclosure which is skid mounted. The front of the enclosure has operator accessible valves, pressure gauges, heater control, and booster pump control. This unit is versatile in configuration and can accomodate up to two reactors in series and includes a view cell for observing supercritical phenomena.

Presently Installed Reactor: 1000 mL 316 Stainless Steel Bolt Closure, Autoclave Engineers
Reactor MAWP: 5800 psig at 650°F
Modes of Operation: batch, semibatch, continuous
Working Fluid: Supercritical fluids such as carbon dioxide, alkanes, alcohols and binary mixtures thereof. Excludes water and highly corrosive or oxidative environments
Pressure Development: Booster pump (pneumatically driven compressor) and micrometering pump
Control and Aquisiton: Electronic PID heater control, Electronic PID mass flow control, pneumatic PID pressure control, operator based data aquisition.
Principle Applications: Presently configured for supercritical extraction of biologically active components from plant material. Additional applications in alternate configurations include but are not limited to: devulcanizaiton of rubber, supercritical infusion, supercritical polymerization, degreasing and cleaning of parts, thermodynamic relationship studies.

Supercritical extraction unit as configured with a 1000 mL bolt closure reactor set up as a packed bed .

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