Graft Copolymerization

Various graft copolymers have been prepared for diverse applications including material compatibilization, enhanced tensile strength, improved metal adhesion, controlled wettability, better pigment dispersion, and enhanced thermal stability. These graft copolymers were synthesized using our own patented process, viz.:Graft Copolymerization reactor
  • solid phase process (catalytic or noncatalytic)
  • flame initiated process
  • supercritical fluid grafting process

Graft copolymers successfully synthesized include PP-g-MA, PP-g-PS, PS-g-AA, PS-g-MA, PVC-g-VAc, PC-g-PMMA, PET-g-AA, and PBAT-g-MA. Most recently, we have successfully grafted MA onto PVDF, which opens great avenues for advanced material design and compatibilization. The sponsors of this research include BFGoodrich, Kimberly-Clark, Dow Chemical, Atofina, PPG Industries, Zeon Chemical, etc. For related subjects in graft copolymers, click here.

Our graft copolymerization technology is available for licensing from Ohio University. If you are interested in licensing one or several of these technologies, please contact us. If you are interested in developing novel graft copolymers or their specialty applications, please contact us for University R & D.