Polymer Processing and Modification

A display of product samples

Our research in the field of polymers includes polymerization in supercritical carbon dioxide medium to produce polymers with narrow molecular weight distribution via a patented fluoropolymerization process and a patented acrylic polymerization, grafting of reactive monomers onto preformed polymeric resins using a patented solid phase process (catalytic or noncatalytic) as well as a patented supercritical fluid grafting process, synthesis and testing of polymer blends, and polymer-clay nanocomposites. Applications of our polymer expertise included: (1) targeted R&D for personal care products, (2) microporous breathable polymer films, (3) mechanical property enhanced biodegradable polymers, (4) ultra-strong high-tensile strength transparent polymer materials, (5) compatibilized blends/composites, (6) biobased polymers, (7) specialty functional and multi-functional polymer systems, and much more.

Twin Screw Extruder

In addition to polymerization, blending, and modification research efforts, we have a comprehensive extrusion laboratory. This lab consists of polymer extruders of diverse capacities including 2", 1", and 3/4" diameters, in both single-screw and twin-screw modes. We also have an extensive list of polymer and rubber characterization equipment in house, as well as access to other fine instruments in collaborating laboratories. We offer R & D, material characterization, and training services for industries.

Recent collaborators and sponsors of research in the polymer field include Dow Chemicals, Kimberly-Clark, TotalFinaElf, Goodyear Tires and Rubber, BFGoodrich, PPG Indutries, BASF, Zeon Chemicals, Northern Technologies International, IMET Corporation, Brabender Instruments, Alberee Rubber Products, etc. For more technical information, please contact us. For licensing the technology for solid-phase grafting, please contact the Temarex Corporation, a technology transfer company for the University of Akron. For licensing the technology of polymerization processes and advanced materials technologies, please contact us or the Ohio University technology transfer office.