Oil Shale and Shale Gas Technology

Dr. Lee's group, while at the University of Akron, conducted a pioneering research on oil shale extraction using carbon dioxide as a sweep gas medium, which resulted in remarkably enhanced recovery of shale oil from oil shale. The technology was awarded a U.S. patent in 1985. The technology was demonstrated on a large variety of worldwide shale samples including Colorado, Ohio Devonian, N. Carolina, Chattanooga, Australian Stewart, Jordanian El-Lajjun , and Isareli shales. It was also proven by the team's investigation that the enhancement in oil recovery is very significant under both subcritical and supercritical conditions. Recent studies further indicate that the technology is eminently applicable to modern shale gas fracking technologies.

Current R&D interests in the shale fuels area include:

1. On-site Treatment and Reuse of Fracking Flowback Water
2. Enhanced Shale Gas/Oil Recovery Process
3. Waterless Fracking Technology
4. Development of Environmentally Friendly Additives for Fracking
5. Synthesis of Polymeric Proppants and Gellants
6. Beneficial Use of Caron Dioxide in Fracking Technology
7. Environmental Assessment

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S. Lee's Research and Teaching Activities in the Area of Oil Shale/Shale Oil/Shale Gas Technology

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B. U.S. Patent Awarded in Oil Shale Extraction Technology

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E. Conference Papers, Seminars and Short Courses Delivered on Oil Shale Topics

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6. An invited short course on "Shale Gas Technology," delivered at Northern Technologies International Corp., Circle Pines, MN, December 12, 2012.

F. Graduate Degree Students Guided in Oil Shale Topics

1. 1981     Shong-Tai Jeng (M.S., Modeling and Simulation of Oil Shale Retorting Process)

2. 1982     Yeh Wang (M.S., A Single Particle Model for Pyrolysis of Oil Shale)

3. 1982     Rajendra Joshi (M.S., Kinetic Study of Eastern Oil Shale Pyrolysis)

4. 1985     Mark E. Polasky (M.S., Pyrolysis Kinetics and Process Optimization of Eastern United States and Australian Oil Shales)

5. 1988     Mark E. Polasky (Ph.D., Characterization of Extracted Shale Oil Crudes

6. 1998     Bassam Masri (Ph.D., Extraction and Characterization of El-Lajjun Jordanian Oil Shale

G. Class Teaching (in Oil Shale Topics)

1. Alternative Fuels (Missouri University of Science and Technology) F07, S08, F09

2. Alternative Fuels (Ohio University) S11. F12

3. Shale Fuels (Ohio University) S12